Daniel Tranel

Professor of Neurology/Psychological and Brain Sciences, The University of Iowa
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Dr. Tranel's research is aimed at understanding brain-behavior relationships in humans, at systems level. Two main approaches are used: (1.) the lesion method, in which brain-damaged patients are studied with neuropsychological procedures to determine how certain lesion sites are related to certain cognitive and behavioral deficits. (2.)functional imaging, including PET and fMRI, in which the brain activation in normal subjects is measured while the subjects are performing various tasks.

Specific topics that he is working on currently include: retrieval of conceptual knowledge; retrieval of words and lexical knowledge; emotion and decision-making; face processing; nonconscious processing; acquired disorders of social conduct; memory; psychophysiology. Dr. Tranel is the Principal Investigator for the Conte Center Project 5, Social Inference and the Prefrontal Cortex.