This Conte Center will generate psychological, behavioral and neuroimaging data.  All of these will be made available to interested research groups according to NIH's data sharing policy.  Specifically, all research participants will be assessed on a broad range of measures testing cognitive skills, social skills mood, and personality.  The neuroimaging data will consist of structural and functional MRI data, including resting-state BOLD data and activation fMRI data from specific experiments.  Please contact us for further information if you are interested in any of these shared resources.
Caltech Conte Center Data: All our psychological assessment and neuroimaging data is being uploaded to NDAR as well. To view our Conte data currently shared on NDAR, click here and looking under the 'Shared Data' tab.
Amygdala Atlas: The Caltech Conte Center for the Neurobiology of Social Decision Making has constructed a probabilistic atlas of the human amygdala based on 168 neurotypical adults from the Human Connectome Project S500 data release. The atlas and associated templates are available for download as an open and evolving resource for future functional and structural imaging studies of the human amygdala. Click here to access the atlas.
Spike Sorting Framework: The Caltech Conte Center relies in part on intracranial recordings performed in humans. We publish as open source a package of code that we use to do all our pre-processing to extract single-neurons. Click here to access the software.
The MRI imaging facilities available to the Conte Center have been funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and by two equipment grants from the National Science Foundation.